As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the globe, we ZBN Aquaculture one of manufacturing organizations face significant operational challenges. We are following the protocol and prevention formulate by World Health Organization (WHO) which navigate the transition from initial crisis response to the “next normal”:

the workforce

Formalize and standardize operating procedures, processes, and tools that help keep staff safe. Build workforce confidence through effective, two-way communication that responds to employees’ concerns through flexible adaptation.

manage risks to ensure business continuity

Anticipate potential changes and model the way the plant should react well ahead of the fluctuations to enable rapid, fact-based actions.

Drive productivity
at a distance

Continue to effectively manage performance at the plant while physical distancing and remote working policies remain in place.


COVID-19 Product Delivery and Transporting Protocol

Purpose of the Protocol:
This protocol provides a recommended preventive measures for Product Delivery during a Pandemic scenario of COVID-19.

Roles and Responsibility:
The Production Team/managers/employees/drivers/3rdparty contractors should take responsibility for implementing it

This protocol was prepared based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization(” WHO”) with the guidance of external consultants, local authority and safe practices of the company itself.