Established in 2018, the ZBN Group Holdings Sdn Bhd expending business in Aquaculture production through its subsidiaries companywhich ZBN Aquaculture Sdb Bhd, which specializes in aqua-culture farming, seafood manufacturing processing and trading respectively.

The production factory located at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia performing activities of processing fish& Seafood product which carry out our brand ZAILOR.The factory operation implementing the Food Safety Standard by Malaysian Government and certified Hazard Analysis Critical Criteria Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) by Ministry Of Health, Malaysia.


Production utility and facilities in our factory are complying the HACCP and GMP Standard which can produce 1 –2 Tonnes daily.


Food safety is one of the fundamental requirements in food area. How to improve the safety and hygiene of food in processing industries has long been a hot topic which attracts great efforts and explorations of administrators as well as practitioners in food processing industry.Nowadays background that food and hygiene are showing increasingly problematic issues. It can provide a powerful support with food safety and hygiene by establishing factory processing operationand implementing HACCP administrating system in production area.

Our company emphasis the food safety assurance of our productto our consumer locally and globally.




Joint Venture with government agencies, Sabah Fishery and Fisherman Development Corporation (KO-Nelayan) under Ministry of Aquaculture, State of Sabah. We running the operation of Hybrid Grouper Fish Farming from internal hatchery to farming. The hatchery are implementing the SABAH Cheap and Efficient Nursery Tank System (SCENTS) which reach 90% ofthe growth rate for fish seeds. The farming is complying Good Aquaculture Practise (MYGAP) by Department Of Agriculture, Ministry Of Agriculture And Food Industries.KO NELAYAN- LOGO