About Our Brand

ZAILOR is representing the highest quality of seafood product from Borneo, East Malaysia. With out motto Taste of Borneo, we ensure the quality & taste are promising.

Our Product

Hybrid grouper is a new type of grouper as it was produced by fertilising the eggs of the tiger grouper (Mycteroperca Tigris) with the sperm of the giant grouper (Epinephelus Lanceolatus) through the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) technique. It is commonly known as Sabah grouper or pearl grouper.

OUR Production

ZBN Aquaculture is one of the pioneer processor and exporter of frozen hybrid grouper in Malaysia. We ZBN Aquaculture an integrated aquaculture group which is involved in the entire process of sustainable aquaculture segment of the industries ranging from hatching, rearing, process, production, and exporting. We ZBN Aquaculture have strong belief in quality and food safety in delivering our premium products. We ZBN Aquaculture with our dedicated people on day to day production and special unit for controlling quality and food safety those enable us to produce finest quality of frozen fishes from our place. We ZBN Aquaculture production facilities is in compliance with international standards such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), Food Safety Is Responsibility of The Industry (MESTI) and HALAL certificate. We ZBN Aquaculture in collaboration with Sabah Fishery and Fisherman Development Corporation (KO-NELAYAN) Ministry of Aquaculture Sabah. The hatchery reaching 90% growth rate of the fish seeds via implementation of SABAH Cheap and Efficient Nursery Tank System (SCENTS) and compliance of Good Aquaculture Practice (MYGAP). We ZBN Aquaculture are rightly positioned to cater our quality, safety and Halal premium products for the needs of our customers worldwide.

Our Certification